Thailand Amber Oolong

  • Original description:

  • Cultivar: Ruan Zhi

  • Terroir: Doi Mae Salong, Chiang Rai, Thailand

  • Price per 100g: 418 Kč (70 PLN)

General info

Even though the first thing one often thinks of when hearing about "Thai tea" is a drink of made of a mediocre tea, milk and sugar, the Northern provinces of Thailand offer an excellent quality of lightly oxidised oolongs comparable to those from Taiwan - so good that Taiwan actually ranks first to import them! It's not a surprise if we look at the history: after Thai Royal Development Project in the 1980s identified tea as a possible cash crop to substitute the opium poppy cultivation in the infamous Golden Triangle, the experts of the Tea Research Institute of Taiwan were brought in to determine, which of the cultivars would be best suitable for Thailand’s geological and climate conditions. This way, a number of Taiwanese oolong varieties made it to country, where they have been successfully cultivated and developed their own unique profile.

Thailand Amber Oolong dry leaves

This tea is often called a Queen amongst the oolong teas of Northern Thailand. DMS [Doi Mae Salong] Oolong No.17 hybrid, also called Ruan Zhi, genuinely originates from the legendary Taiwanese Alishan Highlands, where the tea plant was imported to Thailand from in 1994.

Comments about this tea:

"A very nicely crafted, green Oolong, tightly rolled with shades of ochre, dominated by an olive-green appearance. The cup resembles shiny saffron and offers a spicy, slightly wooden, roasted aroma to the palate, which is accentuated by surprisingly scenty and flowery facets."


  • Yixing teapot

  • Temperature: 176°F (80°C)

  • Amount of tea: 1/3 of the teapot

  • Time: 45/45/60s

Personal notes

Truly royal amber, reminiscent of dessert chocolate, with roasted ("popcorny"), woody and nutty aromas and charming flowery and slightly spicy note. Devoid of bitterness, it's a perfect treat for your inner hedonist.