Amrita Aged Baozhong

Amrita ("ambrosia") is a lightly-oxidized aged baozhong coming straight from the 90s. Unlike aged puehrs, oolongs are not aged intentionally, and this one is no exception. The most likely reason for Amrita to age is due to lower interest from the buyers as compared to high-mountain Taiwanese teas.

Formosa Top Pouchong Special

Pouchong (or Baozhong) is the lightest and most floral type of oolong teas with oxidisation between 8-12%, so they often referred to as "green tea" in Taiwan. Its name came from Fujian in China around 160 years ago, literally meaning "wrapped kind", or "wrapped variety". Wang Xi Cheng, local tea maker, used loaded processed tea leaves with two layers of squared papers and packed into rectangular shape of pack in weight of 75 grams. The pack was then stamped with names of tea and tea merchant, to be sold as "baozhong". Interestingly, this name is homonymic to a phrase, meaning "luck out" in Chinese ("包種" vs "包中"), so at present days, Pouchong tea also becomes a gift of good luck.