Pan Long Yin Hao

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  • Cultivar: n/a

  • Terroir: Zhejiang, China

  • Price per 100g: 89 PLN

General info

Pan Long Yin Hao (Curled Dragon Silver Tips) is one of the many fine green teas from the Zhejiang Province of China. "Pan Long", meaning "coiled dragon", is used to describe the medium size leaves that are hand-rolled into coiled, round shapes. "Yin Hao" refers to silver furry tips blended with the dark green leaves.

Pan Long Yin Hao dry leaves

Pan Long Yin Hao is one of the deeply flavorful Chinese green teas that bridges the flavor profiles of the harvests of the two early spring seasons. Delightfully rich, this delicious tea is for all green tea lovers: the taste enthusiast, the novice, or a convert from stronger beverages such as black tea or coffee. Additionally, it is forgiving enough that if you're one of those "I've got to drink my tea hot" people, Pan Long Yin Hao will brew well even with near boiling water. Those who want to fiddle a bit and experiment with milder temperatures will discover the layers of subtlety from this superior tea.

Comments about this tea:

"One of eastern China's best known green teas. The sliver sprouts of the tea are neatly coiled and give this tea it's recognizable appearance. The tea is fresh and clean tasting with a hint of hazelnuts while the cup features a pale hue."


  • Gaiwan

  • Temperature: 170°F (77°C)

  • Amount of tea: 3g

  • Time: 60/60/90s

Personal notes

Eye-pleasing silver-green dry leaves produce a superior pale gold liquor with initially smoky but later developed vegetal and floral aromas and hidden notes of meringue and redcurrant. Pleasant bitterness at the first infusion leaves a lucky taster with a long finish of an exemplary returned sweetness ("hui gan").