Emperor's Yellow

General info

Yellow tea is an increasingly rare and expensive variety of tea. The process for making yellow tea is similar to that of green but with an added step of encasing and steaming the tea. This allows the tea to oxidize at a slow rate for a brief period before the tea is heated fully to denature the oxidizing enzymes, producing a far more mellow taste than is found in most green teas; this also gives the leaves a slightly yellow coloring during the drying process. Yellow tea is often placed in the same category with green tea due to its light oxidation. One of the primary aims of making yellow tea is to remove the characteristic grassy smell of green tea.

Emperor's Yellow infused leaves

Comments about this tea:

"Our Emperor's Yellow Tea is incredibly sweet and complex, with notes of flowers and sugarcane, with an oolong-like mouth-feel"


  • Gaiwan

  • Temperature: 170°F (77°C)

  • Amount of tea: 3g

  • Time: 2/1.5/2 min

Personal notes

Gorgeous golden hairy buds with a delicate sweet aroma yields amber liquor of mild viscosity with a complex taste of slightly acid white flowers, biscuits and pollen, which reminds of both green and white tea. If you are offered a cup of this tea, consider it to be a sign of respect from your host.