De Jian Long Zhu

General info

"Young shoots strewn with buds rolled into small pearls" or, fancier, "Bamboo Dragon from De Jian", is a relatively uncommon organic green tea from eastern Guizhou, cultivated at the height of 1200m. There is almost no information about it on the Internet, so one can imagine their own legend of a Bamboo Dragon who, when defeated, cried with pearls of this beautiful tea (and does so until now). One interesting observation here is that De Jian Long Zhu is made of Fuding Da Bai ("big white") cultivar, traditionally used for white teas, which produces soft, downy buds and influences the resulting taste in an unexpected way.

De Jian Long Zhu infused leaves

Comments about this tea:

"A bold and frankly vegetable liquor, evoking the taste of snow peas. Fruity and empyreumatic accents (smoked mussels) complete the tasting of this accessible, thirst quenching tea."


  • Gaiwan

  • Temperature: 185°F (85°C)

  • Amount of tea: 4g

  • Time: 30/20/40s

Personal notes

Precious green and white hand-rolled dry pearls from the beginning surprise with floral and deep chocolate aromas. When infused, wet leaves yield a complex garden flowery, vegetal and smoky bouquet and Indian yellow liquor of a bold vegetal (peas) taste with a touch of bitterness and moderate astringency. Subsequent infusions develop the aroma to more floral and slightly smoked, with pleasant bittersweet notes and sweet fruity aftertaste on the palate. Great everyday tea to help you survive through long working hours.