Amrita Aged Baozhong

  • Original description:

  • Cultivar: n/a

  • Terroir: Northern Taiwan

  • Price per 100g: $60

General info

Amrita ("ambrosia") is a lightly-oxidized aged baozhong coming straight from the 90s. Unlike aged puehrs, oolongs are not aged intentionally, and this one is no exception. The most likely reason for Amrita to age is due to lower interest from the buyers as compared to high-mountain Taiwanese teas.

Amrita wet leaves

Amrita is considered a difficult tea to brew - depending on the brewing method, the produced experiences could differ vastly. In order to fully enjoy its richness and "tame the sourness", it's recommended to keep an eye on the temperature, pre-warm the utensils and shower the teapot both before and after each brew.

Comments about this tea:

"Amrita is sour and sweet with an uplifting Qi and a complex bouquet that unfolds sip by sip and cup by cup. It has depth and breadth and is starting to develop some aged flavors of herbs, caramel and sandalwood. If stored intentionally for another ten years, it will be a marvelous tea."


  • Yixing teapot

  • Temperature: 203°F (95°C)

  • Amount of tea: 1/3 of the teapot

  • Time: 30/15/15/120/180s

Personal notes

Close your eyes. Breathe in. Take a sip and enter an autumn forest after the rain. As you proceed, stepping over wet ginger-coloured leaves in tone to the first brew of this aged tea, you start to notice small deep crimson flowers with a fresh sourish aroma. Nutty, woody, slightly tart notes steadily transform into an intense floral experience with multiple shades of sweetness, from sweet potato to a sugar cane, leaving dulcet aftertaste in the mouth. It takes time to realize that it was nothing less, but a wonderful travel back in time of youth. Return from this fantasy leaves you with a warm memory and a lasting content for the rest of the day.